The Future of Real-Estate is here

India’s first decentralized real-estate smart contract platform -
a transparent property management application for
Owners, Tenants, Vendors, Agents & Property Managers

Smart Hai, Sahi Hai

India’s First Decentralized Real-Estate Smart Contract Platform.

STILT is a transparent property management application for Owners, Tenants, Vendors, Agents & Property Managers.

Put Your Property on Auto-Pilot

STILT makes it easy and fast to manage property rentals and transactions.

STILT drastically reduces the complexity of discovery, contracting and transactons management for your residentail or commercial property, and provides a seamless experience for you to Engage, Trust and Transact with others in a digital and safe environment, powered by blockchain technology

Why Stilt


Discover Peace of Mind

In today’s dynamic and fast-paced world, managing your real-estate assets is a challenging task. STILT is the only application which brings all parties - owners, tenants, agents and property managers under a single platform.


Build Trust

Meet verified tenants and owners, and conduct instant identity checks for ID such as PAN Card, Voter Card… against government identity registry services and using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Fulfil Your Dreams

Moving or Setting up a New House, Need to pay the rent security deposit – STILT can help. Get fast, flexible, pocket friendly loans to meet your rental needs and receive instant payments for rent and deposits powered by UPI


Transact Safe

STILT eliminates the hassle of coordinating schedules to get a rental agreement signed. Finalize your Smart Contracts and e-Sign your agreement online. The true copy of the digital agreement is secured via Blockchain


Convenience at Fingertips

Monitor, track and pay all your utility bills for every individual unit powered by the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), auto-assign utilities and maintenance bills, continuous monitoring and reminders to save on late payment fees


Community Empowerment

Interact, Engage and Communicate within the communities with real-time messenger and community boards. STILT communities builds on residents and local services to foster trust and local empowermen

How Does it Work

create stilt blockchain rental agreement

Create Your Account

Set up your account and add your property

create stilt blockchain rental agreement

Add Agreement Parties

Add other Party details for the agreement

create stilt blockchain rental agreement

Create Smart Contract

Create Your Digital Agreement on Blockchain

create stilt blockchain rental agreement

Collect Rent and Deposit

Get Paid instantly with 24x7 funds transfer

What is a Smart Contract?

STILT Rental smart contracts are small computer programs that are stored on the blockchain and automatically execute when predetermined terms and conditions are met. At the most basic level, they are programs that run as they’ve been set up by the parties (landlord and tenant) involved in the transaction.

The benefits of smart contracts is related to financial transactions in real-estate. They are typically used to enforce some type of agreement so that all participants can be certain of the outcome without an intermediary’s involvement.

Introducing Smart Rentals

1 - Asset Digitization / Tokenization

Digitize assets facilitating e-contracts, multiple tenancy and improved Asset Utilization and Tradeability via DLT

2 - KYC Parties Build Trust and Safety

Users are KYC-verified powered by IndiaStack Digital KYC, Increases Trust, Improves Transparency and Financial Safety

3- Smart Contracts, Instant Payments

Experience the Power of Smart Contracts and 24x7 Real-Time Payments and Settlement Engine

4 - Be the Master of Your Home Budget

Single window view of consolidated Transactions to manage your property spends and rental collections

stilt blockchain smart rentals

We use modern Financial Technology to
deliver the best of real-estate services to you

stilt proptect fintech blockchain

KYC Verified

Transact with KYC verified owners and tenants, Safety a Priority

stilt proptect fintech blockchain


Digitally signed agreements for ease of transaction and traceability

stilt proptect fintech blockchain


Rent and Deposit payments directly in bank account via UPI

stilt proptect fintech blockchain


Your choice to work with or without real estate agencies or brokers

stilt proptect fintech blockchain


The app is fully encrypted, your data and confidential information

stilt proptect fintech blockchain


Rent receipts auto-delivered on every successful rent payment

stilt proptect fintech blockchain

Account Login Security

All logins are secured with OTP, no stolen passwords

stilt proptect fintech blockchain

Industy-grade Encryption

The app is fully encrypted, your data and confidential information

stilt proptect fintech blockchain

Services Home-bound

Discover Local Services, Manage Monthly Services and Payments

Simplify Real Estate, Get STILT

STILT makes managing your real-estate easy.
Plus, opening a account is fast, paperless and won’t cost you a thing.

download mobile app
download mobile app